Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Wedding

Though the wedding planning process I found a LOVE for design both digital and handmade invitations; altering photographs, etc. I have recently taken every chance I have to create an invitation for someone. Not to take away from my collage art but more or less to find a career I truly love. Art is a passion and with every new beginning I am slowly but surely finding my niche. My inspiration board and invitation design will be posted soon. For now I want to share a few designs I just completed.

I am trying to use our engagement pictures as much as possible because they are so fabulous! One of my best friends took the pictures for us and she has a great eye for design. Thanks Kim!

This Picture below is one that will be used in the ceremony program. Very simple I just embellished it with our name and the date.

The next picture I transformed into a thank you card. It really adds a personal touch!

I am going for a Eco-chic wedding and want to use items that are reused. For my center pieces I am using mason jars and old wine bottles. For the wine bottles I have created a few custom labels from again from our engagement pictures.

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